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This is the writing blog of Dave Freer. To show I like writing I’ve pasted a bio!

Dave Freer was born at a very early age. To prove this is hereditary, his children were also born very young, at zero years of age at the start of their lives!  He went to St. Andrews School because his father did. This is genetic too, and nature’s way of getting your own back on your children. He was South Africa’s first  internationally published Fantasy and Science fiction author.  When they started increasing in number he was uneasy, and when it reached three, he had had enough! At the beginning of 2010 he emigrated to Australia,  where he now lives on a remote island in the Bass Strait,  with his wife Barbara, and dogs and cats (yes they emigrated too) and even chickens (who did not emigrate).  Australia of course  has many sf/fantasy authors, so his logic in moving there is impeccable.

He is a former Marine Biologist who specialized in fish (an Ichthyologist), proving that you can end up as an academic even if you did win a sports bursary (for rock-climbing) to take you through University.  At seventeen was a conscripted Medic during the Angolan/South African conflict. He learned a great many new swear words and a little about the important things in life, like to eat and sleep when you can, how to iron and never to stick your head up and say ‘what?’  when someone yells ‘soek dekking!’ (take cover).

His first postgraduate job was as Chief Scientific Officer for the Western Cape Commercial Shark fishery, where his vocabulary, already extended as an Army corporal was further broadened by fish-wives.  As a biologist he’s spent a lot of time working in water no sane person would go near, having encounters (both in small boats and in the water) with sharks, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, electric rays and a number of other toxic/lethal creatures. He has worked as a salvage diver, run two major fish farms (he’s a very good plumber, and has accidentally killed a lot of fish, as well some on purpose), as well as doing some steeplejack work. Additionally he has worked as the relief chef for a group of exclusive luxury game/ ecotourism/ whitewater-rafting lodges.  He’s a top mountaineer and rock-climber, opening many of his country’s best rock routes, which is why he often falls over his own feet.   He’s a fanatical diver and flyfisherman and the author of a number of articles on both.  If it is dangerous and a little crazy — he’s tried it. He’s stupid like that.  Besides writing some amazingly boring but fundamental papers on shark age and growth and reproductive biology, he has authored or co-authored fourteen sf/fantasy novels, with number 15 and 16 in press, and further five contracted. His books have appear on Locus(fantasy and sf) bestseller list at positions 3,5,7, as well as on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list, but not, to date on the NYT bestseller list. He makes up for it with snarky comments about New York, which is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, really.  He’s also written a slew of short stories (winning a few meaningless prizes along the way), and a couple of children’s books . He’s been guest of honour at Lunacon in the US, and a panelist at a number of others.  He’s suppose to be GOH at Contiuum 7 this year.  They all wanted to know why he isn’t black and how come he wears shoes, but very few people have had the courage or effrontery to ask.  (Simple, really, he wears shoes for dress occassions, like cons. Some of his ancestors came to the Cape about 400 years ago, and some 40 000 years ago, and some about 110 years ago.  Like everyone elses ancestors, they came from somewhere else once.)

One response to “About Dave

  1. Ian Clark

    Cute, Dave.
    My wife calls me husband, my kids call me Dad, and thats about the sum total of our information about heredity.

    My wife’s mother is convinced she’s the culmination of thousands of generations of the Irish. One problem, her mother was adopted like myself and had no knowledge of her background. MIL’s father was English, and a dreadful thug, he gets omitted from the putative family history. Grandma had 12 kids, AFAIK she didn’t know who fathered any of them, so Grandad being abusive might have had a tinge of justification. At least we know Sue’s genetic dad was German, Swedish or possibly English or Canadian.

    Family trees, gotta love em.

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