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I’m working on THE STEAM MOLE, having set my attempt at the Pyramid Scheme aside. This is all going to be complicated by moving house (and the new house needs a lot of work, and the garden there (which feeds us) is non-existent. Moving house does not mean paying movers but driving it over by the ute-load.


is done. Now I just need the art for Bolg, and that too can go up

I’m experimenting with genres and pricing here. Not that I plan to abandon any areas I write in, but some may get focus they haven’t had. Up to now I’ve been working on the tastes of editors and what they, therefore, think will sell. This is going to be interesting – to see what readers think.


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The Road to Dundee

Is up. This is something of an experiment. It’s outright romance (with, naturally, nasty Celtic spirits) set in a Historical setting (1746, Scotland). I’m curious as to whether female readers will (as conventional wisdom in publishing believes) not read such if written by a male. Or if males will read romance…

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