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Kindle Short on Promo

should be available as a free download from the 28th – 1st.



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A turn of phrase…

Ok every now and agan I write something that so appeals to my twisted sense of humor/literature, that I want to read it to someone else, immediately. This is in reference to Black Guiletto whoowns and runs a coffee shop in Bolg stories.
I noticed Guiletto hovering in the background, a tray in his hands. He doesn’t do ‘hover’ any more than blue whales do.

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So Many pathways

So many pathways… I’m busy battling along with Steam-mole, with of course issue of finance bubbling away in my head too. It’s one of those how can this not affect you scenarios. To add insult to injury, I seem to be sick too. Still, the Cuttlefish/steam-mole universe is a fascinating world – a world which began to diverge at the beginning of the 20th century. It has like so many of the universes I find myself building all too many possible pathways – like some vast game of chess, where one technological direction follow could change so much. I often wonder just what we’ve missed by the fairly narrow paths followed in science. Take the Oswald process… without Ammonia synthesis, of far less relevance.

And then the ecology of a world that much hotter… so many pathways. Do feedback loops exist that trap biospheres within ranges? And societies — what does abandonment do to the regard for authority (after all, when the chips are down, we call for the SES, the cops, the army. What does it do to a society where constituted authority ordered them out?

I need a bigger mind


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