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Dog and Dragon edits are done

It was a a rough hard session (I hate editing a piece of work too soon after I have written it) but is done. Now just CUTTLEFISH.

And just to be silly… The nights of the round tuit…

Yes, that’s my ninja sword, ex-scallywag. It was given to me by a lady mud-wrestler. My mate Davo reckons it made me the king of the Brrrrittins. More like the leader of our gang!  We call ourselves Brrrrittins, cause it’s kinda like noise my bike makes. Davo’s bike makes more noise, but that’s because he’s got a piece of tin-can lid gaffer taped so it hits the spokes. It’s not much of a gang but there are three of us guys. Well. The other one is Ginger, and she’s a queen.




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Oh, fortuna…

I’ve just got the edits (can we have them next week) for DOG AND DRAGON

I’m busy with the edits for CUTTLEFISH – also due soon

I’m trying to write the next PYRAMID

I’m trying to write the misadventures of Bolg  and the serial for in between. And blog on the life-on-island blog, and the weekly Mad genius one.

So things may be a bit patchy…



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more Bolg

“Fat Ali is okay. The problem is the money.”
“Oh. Did… did we lose a lot?
We. “I am afraid you lost all of it. You were robbed while I was out getting help after you were poisoned.”
Her lower jaw barely missed the table. Good thing, fang reconstruction costs a fortune. I could see the little cogs turning in her mind as her eyes narrowed. “You took my money!” she snapped.
I’d had too little coffee for this. Client or not: “Try to stretch your IQ to your shoe size with a bit of logic,” I snarled right back. “If I was going take your money, why would I have brought it back from the cemetry? And if I’d changed my mind why wouldn’t I have taken it and left you to die?  And thirdly, why would I have wasted a day sitting on your coffin trying to work out how to get get it back?”
“Oh. Um. Sorry. I didn’t think,” she said, speaking the truth.
“I’m usually grumpy until I have had enough coffee. After that I’m just irritable. I think, Simone, that we need to fill in some background. I’m missing something. I think I know what, but I need your co-operation.”
“I was born in the Schloss Taubenschaft…” she said, eager to make up for her normal helpful behavior.
While it might be relevant, she was 200 hundred years old and I had a feeling that it might take more time than I felt up to listening to. “I don’t think we have to go to quite that depth. What I’d like to know is if you have had any previous relationships…”
“I’m a vampire.”
“I mean formal relationships, not one-night-bites.”
“Well, I was engaged to Prinz Humbert Von Witschnittbrod, but he broke it off when… well, when I, um… fed off his brother. But he’s been dead for a hundred and thirty years. I went and danced on his grave. Since then,” she sniffled, “I’ve been fine for a night’s lust, but no one was into commitment. Not until Billy.”
Which did rather explain how come she was so upset by his inconvenient disappearance. When you’ve been waiting a hundred and eighty years for Mr Right to offer, you might just accept that a troll would have to do.


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Editing, covers

I must say it’s been quite a change how Lou Anders has kept me in the loop with the art for CUTTLEFISH.  I think I am very pleased. I’ll tell you what i think when I see the cover with text.

In the meanwhile life has been interfering a bit with writing.  Anyway, onwards. I have done some editing on CUTTLEFISH.  Got a bit depressed about the whole finances and what battle it is make a real living at writing. I’ve just been through the KDP figures for the shorts Eric and I did (I’m still waiting on the figures from NR, which won’t be much, but I like know) and while these are not stellar (call it 50-70 dollars a month I earn) it’s found money. I have been trying to decide what to do about the books I have the rights to. I think at this rate I’ll just accept the lower rate (30%) and do it myself, as at leat that way I’ll be in control of all of it.

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