Dave Freer’s Mailing list

Given that I am to marketing what Godzilla is to wristwatch repair, I’m doing something incredibly foolish here. The one promise I can make is I am unlikely to bother you very often – but if you enjoy my books and stories, and would like to know when the next one is out, and bits of news about them – well please sigh… sign, yes I mean sign up. I will give away stories and books every now and again, announce specials and probably not waffle too much about how my piggies are growing.

If you would like to sign up, click here



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17 responses to “Dave Freer’s Mailing list

  1. Personally, I wouldn’t mind hearing about your farm and growing pigs and such, but that’s me.

  2. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Link works now. 😀

  3. Kirk Reiser

    Um, I am saddened to have to say it but this web page subscription is totally in accessible to anyone not able to read the captcha. If you wish you can add my email address to the mailing list, if not….Oh well.


  4. brian

    Freebies? Will the Australian links work?

    • The joy of the mailing-list is that I can actually just send copies. The whole ‘not in Australia’ thing angers me very much. I am Australian, I live here, I want to be able to do that.

  5. Done, and it appears to work now! 🙂

  6. Susan

    I want to hear about the piggies!

  7. Vince West

    Glad to join the list 😀. Maybe a sequa titledl “Rats, Bats and Piggies” is in order down the road ?

  8. I was moving books around and finally put my copies of Cuttlefish and Steam Mole together on the shelf. Just an hour later, I ran into the following article:


    Who knew that there was still life in the old process?


  9. Ugh, and hit “Send” too soon. Yes, it isn’t the same process as in the books, IIRC, but similar period and utility.

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