Stardogs – which is my first full length adult novel released independently (meaning I didn’t get the quarter page of editorial input I normally do, and will get 70% of the cover price instead of 20% and I’ll get it in 2 months time and not may 18 months, and the accounting will be 100% real-time transparent and not never-to-be-revealed) has just gone up on Kindle. It’s an experiment – I can write a lot faster and more than the traditional publishing industry is prepared to buy ( a lot of waiting, proposals, rejections, approval, and finally writing… and waiting for feedback and of course money, a process I am not at all in control of. I’m not a control freak (well, not too bad, um. Compared to Eddie the computer on the Heart of Gold) and I don’t have great skills in cover design and editing and proofing (but I can get work for hire), BUT I care. It’s my book, I care. I do not let it go out of print when the sequel comes out. I do not forget to get on the shelf, or not bother to make much effort. And if I do… it’s me. I can deal with that. The opposite situation has driven me nuts. Well, nuttier than I was. It might even drive me out the other side into sanity (which would demand giving up this silly Science Fiction and Fantasy writing forthwith. And we don’t want that do we? Why the world might be a better place. I have a duty to do!)

Anyway: the book – It all comes down to this really…

“Given the right conditions any human can become dangerous. After all, you can hammer in nails with a banana, if you dip the banana into liquid nitrogen first.”
Obliterating a Prince: Nicola Para-Machiavell

And if you want to buy it and give me an extra few percent without costing you anything – go via clicking the picture which is the link. At the moment I am pricing it at $3.99 which is cheap as chips for slightly longer than average novel, by yours truly. Would I lie to you?



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9 responses to “STARDOGS

  1. Awesome Dave, jumped over and bought it straight away. If I don’t sleep tonight, it’s your fault!

  2. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Purchased! [Grin]

  3. One-clicked. Will start when I get home tonight. . .

  4. newjerseybadger


  5. newjerseybadger

    Purchased. With extra percentage.

  6. William R Scarborough

    I read out loud for my blind godmother, and we both thoroughly enjoyed Stardogs. Action-packed and very well characterized, this is one of the best novels in the genre I have read in the last 25 years or so. A real achievement, indeed. We followed up with Morningstar; while a bit darker, it was likewise praiseworthy. Both had remarkable interpersonal dynamics, too.
    We found you via Sarah’s blog, and hope to see more of your stories soon.

    • William, I really really appreciate you taking the time to tell me this. Sometimes I lose hope a bit, and don’t think I am reaching an audience at all, let alone one that likes my books. It’s an isolated profession. I am busy editing two more books at the moment – one a ‘cosy’ -murder mystery, and the other a high fantasy, so I hope those will be out in the next six-eight weeks. Sarah is a good friend of mine 🙂

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