Spacebar marine

I refer you to this post.

It’s time this games company had its head placed firmly in a place where the sun does not shine.



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5 responses to “Spacebar marine

  1. This is ever-so-not-funny. Even though it seems ridiculous on the face of it, unless somebody with Bux proposes to intervene soon, before GW’s juggernaut gets rolling, it may wind up actually owning the term, regardless of prior use.

    I have suggested that the major SF publishers band together and fight.

    • I wasn’t claiming it was even vaguely funny. I am dead serious as to where I think the company CEO and his lawyers ought to have their heads, principally in shame at what amounts to stealing from the public domain – from which they had already been substantial beneficiaries – for their own benefit. To put it in other terms, it’s like a village common, where on Saturday people sold their veggies. Much later – 80 years later – Green Wegtable company came to the village common and sold their veggies too, and, because the customers knew the place, did quite well. So they applied for a license to become the sole trader on that common, evicting the people who created it, who drew customers, and to whom they owed their success in the first place. And as the land is in fact commonage, they have no rights to do so, but rely on the fact they can bully and make it expensive and difficult for the very people who created the customer base they exploited.

      My suggestion is that ever sf writer should be encouraged to use the term space marine – even if it is ‘tell it to the space marines’, somewhere in the last 2/3 of their text, and not in the title, in any story that is for sale. 1)It would make finding them expensive, 2)the more unchallenged common use, especially with a history that exists from well before their claim, that exists the more unlikely it is to pass any legal challenge.

  2. pete mack

    They say any publicity is good publicity. That sure is true for “Spot”. GW? Not so much…


  3. pete mack

    Oh yeah. Got side-tracked. What’s the deal with digital rights for _Mankind Witch_? I was trying to reread it (and Pyramid Scheme!) but it’s no longer available at


    • The rights have reverted, and along with THE FORLORN (which is still available on BFL) I am waiting on new covers before bringing it out myself, thereby moving my share from 20% to 70% of the cover price for the e-book, and long step too from the 6% for the paper version. If you’re really impatient, then e-mail me, and I can send you an e-copy.

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