I finally got my author copies of
– way too late to do the launch competition/ send to reviewers thing, just on the eave of my going back to Africa for a family wedding. None-the-less I will be having an Australia only competition in roughly two weeks time, when I am back :-).



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6 responses to “Copies

  1. Considering your logistics situation, maybe you should do competitions not for free paper copies of your books, but something else like signed cover copies. I know I prefer the e-copy anyway.

    • I think that a good idea. I will however run book competitions for Australians, just because they’re so often excluded from the overseas ones.

      • Preferring your countrymen, mate? Sounds like an excellent idea. But may I suggest you open these competitions to New Zealanders too? They are probably every bit as excluded.

        • It’s the postage. It’s just about cheaper for me to order it from Amazon for them than send it from here to anywhere overseas :-(. In Oz quite reasonable.

          • Cheaper to send from here to New Zealand than from you? That’s crazy. Then again, the global postal system is probably not the most rational run business in the world.

            • ThomasW

              Not at all rational. I’ve bought things from Hong Kong for as little as $3.00 or $4.00 total (including shipping) to the United States. On the other hand, while a package within the US is about $12.00, the same is $40.00 to $50.00 anyplace outside the US, including Canada.

              I’m assuming Amazon has an international shipping network and they must have deals with shipping companies, there’s no way they can profitably offer the free shipping they do without special rates.

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