Competition and interview

If you would like a free copy of Cuttlefish and The Steam Mole

go here

you have 8 hours 🙂



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6 responses to “Competition and interview

  1. Lin W

    WOOT! What a great interview! I really hope you write another of these, they’re soooo well done! (OK, I’m not a YA by a long shot. But when I *was*, I was reading Enid Blyton, Rosemary Stewart (her YAs), Robert Heinlein and Andre Norton. Your YAs fit in perfectly) You handle the whole ‘romance is a tiny part of the adventure’ *really* well! Thank you!

    • Thanks Lin. They’re books I would have liked to have read, I suppose. Still would. I’ve still, as an adult (mostly) got vast pleasure out of books where the protags are quite a bit younger than me. Why is this different?

  2. Daniel Neely

    I’m seeing 9 days, 2 hours on the giveaway timer. Am I looking at the wrong place; or is something snafued?

  3. Love the interview, although I’m not going to join the raffle. I read Cuttlefish and I have The Steam Mole (waiting for me to finish reading a few other books – life’s hectic these days).

    I think Clara and Tim deserve to get married at the end of the series.

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