Amazon have got over their snit about someone (presumably an illegal fileshare) offering some of Eric and my shorts and novellas. So they’re back up on Kindle. Shortly we will I hope, start with Smashwords and become available on other platforms. B&N, Apple etc.

This story has, oddly been about our best selling, ahead of the the first RATS BATS & VATS prequel novella

And a long way ahead of the novella in the RBV universe, intended as a start to a new novel (which I still want to do)

And streets ahead of the short set Misty Lackey’s bards universe

It’s interesting that, without a major novel on offer yet (there is the YA WITHOUT A TRACE)

That Kindle and Smashwords are now providing 5% of my income. This is more of a comment about how utterly dismal my income from all the 17 novels is, than how wonderful indy is, I am afraid. But still, it’s very welcome. Hopefully I’ll be adding to it.


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