Back on the treadmill :-)

(Sorry for the bits of random code in the initial version of this post. The pictures are my ‘Amazon associates’ links, and if you click on them and go to Amazon to do your shopping there – even for other products besides my books… Amazon pays me the same 6% my publisher did for my solo paperbacks. And the extra kind of welcome!)

Well, sort of. Before jumping back into contracted work, I’m going to finish a bunch of short/ shorter stories, I am going to have a go at putting my two out of copyright novels onto kindle.

Firstly the Bolg stories

I have one finished, needing a little editing, but nearly ready to go, and another half written, and yet another started, and plans for final one – which will all string together into a story, as well as being stories in themselves.

Secondly I’m thinking of revisiting the crawlspace universe -set some years on from RATS BATS & VATS

Once again the novella length story makes for part of novel, which I want to write. I’d probably work with Eric on this one.

Yes, I do have some distant plans for a sequel (and finale) for

And more cat stories will probably happen. My own kitties provide story models

But while the Bolg stories are definite, the rest are more up in the air. Depends on how it goes and what you guys think.



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5 responses to “Back on the treadmill :-)

  1. I noticed the starking lack of Changlinomicon. IIRC, you said it is written as a comic strip. Maybe Robert Hoyt can get you in touch with people who can do the graphics (the same that do it for Ninja Nun)?

  2. Lin W

    Dave — all of them! Wants *all* of them! ::ecstatic sigh:: Love your stories.

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