Kindle Short on Promo

should be available as a free download from the 28th – 1st.




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5 responses to “Kindle Short on Promo

  1. Daniel Neely

    I just hit the Amazon page a minute ago (pre-promo), and Amazon is discounting its price from $1.99 to free for prime members. I wonder if “buying” it now via prime would result in your getting a royalty payment or not.

    • I think it does, but really, I don’t mind one way or the other. It’s a good story, but either the cover or the title have not worked as it sells about a 1/10 of Pirates of Suara Sea. So if a promo gets it (and me) better known and I can write a few more on that character, or just a few more, because it pays, great.

  2. Melvyn Barker

    It is now free on and I’ve got it along with Pirates of Suara Sea which I didn’t know about until you mentioned it above. I’m going to have to try harder to keep up with favourite authors work. I used to be able to keep track via Baen and fantastic But they don’t track shorts and indie published work. I guess I’ll have to start checking authors’ listings on Amazon regularly as well.


    • Hmm. I’ve been considering this for a while, and it may simply be double redundancy (or treble or quadruple to those who follow my blogs) but I’ve been considering an e-mail list/newsletter type thing for people who want to know without endless searching, telling them where new books are available and which outlet pays me best (being open is something I believe in. A large part of the problems in publishing stem from the veil of secrecy about who earns what. It’s suited publishers, distributors and retailers to keep it this way. It’s bad news for authors and consumers). As time goes on, there will be books and stories here that are not easily available elsewhere. There are stories on Baen which are not available as e-books elsewhere, there are stories (and soon, books) on Amazon that are not available elsewhere. If for example Smashwords or Apple or Porkie’s book sellers offers me a special deal for an exclusive, then they’d get one, at least for a while (same as Amazon). Do you think it worthwhile – for you, not for me (it is obviously worthwhile for me, if it tells interested readers books/stories are available). If it is just annoying spam, it doesn’t.

      • Melvyn Barker

        First, I thoroughly enjoyed The Red Fiddler and the Pirates of the Suara Sea – especially the twist in the latter.

        Personally I’d be happy to get announcements of new novels, shorts etc. by email. I already subscribe to a number of author and publisher newsletters and some blogs via the RSS feed so I wouldn’t see it as spam. In fact because I find it hard to keep track of everything I might want to read I’d see it as you being helpful in drawing my attention to things I might otherwise have missed. And I’m sure that everyone else who enjoys your writing would feel the same way.
        I’m a great believer in redundancy in communications – the more channels you use to carry the message the more people you are likely to reach – so I suggest you also use your blogs, friends blogs, and Mad Genius Club and Baens Bar and anywhere else you can to announce new stuff.

        If you have time I also think it would be good to have some webpages that list and describe all your work that is available and say where it is available from, and have links to those pages prominently displayed on all the above blogs and in the newsletter . The downside of that is that you have to keep the list complete, comprehensive, and up to date, but the upside is that it makes it easy for someone to find and browse all your work in one place and you could even include samples and tasters etc. to draw people in.

        Sorry I’ve gone on a bit, but I’d really like to see you be a best seller ‘cos I do enjoy your writing.

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