So Many pathways

So many pathways… I’m busy battling along with Steam-mole, with of course issue of finance bubbling away in my head too. It’s one of those how can this not affect you scenarios. To add insult to injury, I seem to be sick too. Still, the Cuttlefish/steam-mole universe is a fascinating world – a world which began to diverge at the beginning of the 20th century. It has like so many of the universes I find myself building all too many possible pathways – like some vast game of chess, where one technological direction follow could change so much. I often wonder just what we’ve missed by the fairly narrow paths followed in science. Take the Oswald process… without Ammonia synthesis, of far less relevance.

And then the ecology of a world that much hotter… so many pathways. Do feedback loops exist that trap biospheres within ranges? And societies — what does abandonment do to the regard for authority (after all, when the chips are down, we call for the SES, the cops, the army. What does it do to a society where constituted authority ordered them out?

I need a bigger mind



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2 responses to “So Many pathways

  1. Ori Pomerantz

    The last paragraph reminds me of Britain in late Roman times when the central government ordered the legions to come protect more valuable provinces. I assume people formed their own forces.

    • Very like, indeed, Ori. Except this was a natural disaster, and thus police who as far as the locals who stayed and survived were concerned, ran away. Doesn’t make them ‘most loved.’

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