Bolg, PI: The Vampire Bride

Some time ago I was asked for a short story for STRIP MAULED – Esther Friesner’s take on suburban werewolves. I invented a character that really appealed to me: Private Investigator Bolg. Bolg has two ‘problems’ – He’s a Pict, and doesn’t seem to age (but he’s also heavily tattooed to the extent he looks blue.), and he’s a ‘dwarf’ (he has the condition called achondroplasia. It makes Bolg vertically challenging. He’s also a man with much of attitude shaped by his stature and history: He is to political correctness what Godzilla is to ballet. The stories are written first person so you can get his jaded perspective… He’s actually despite his years, a sucker and nice guy, though he tries to avoid admitting either to himself. And although he lives in the mundane world, and would rather work in it, his color and stature make sure he gets all the paranormal cases. I’m planning a whole series of his ‘cases files’. This is first of those on kindle (sorry, only on Smashwords in 3 months time. It’s an experiment) It’s Novella length. Anyway, Dave’s satire meets Urban fantasy… PI Bolg

If you’re interested, please buy through this link (click on the picture) – I get a few extra cents that way…



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6 responses to “Bolg, PI: The Vampire Bride

  1. Done! I like Bolg, looking forward to reading this 🙂

  2. Is it DRM free? If so, I can use Calibre to change the format. But if Amazon requires DRM for their exclusive books I’ll wait.

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