Cuttlefish is up on Amazon

Cuttlefish is up on Amazon – please go and have a look at the Paul Young cover



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4 responses to “Cuttlefish is up on Amazon

  1. Great! The only thing better would be if I could preorder in the format I want (e-book).

  2. Kirk Reiser

    Went off to Amazon to check out the new book and was disappointed that
    it won’t be available until July. The description looks cool however
    and I hope the cover picture is good as well although I can’t tell.
    It brings a couple of questions to mind though: Will it be available
    in electronic form from say smashwords and secondly will there be an
    equivolent of an EARC if there will be an electronic version

    I just finished Dog and Dragon at three O’clock this morning and
    already feel I need more! ‘grin’ It was a very good read and hopefully
    you’ll get the nod to more books turning it into a series. I think it
    would have been fun forcing the mage to face up to his daughter though
    instead of just pushing him over the edge so to speak.

    Thanks Dave. I’m looking forward to more from you.


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