I’m working on THE STEAM MOLE, having set my attempt at the Pyramid Scheme aside. This is all going to be complicated by moving house (and the new house needs a lot of work, and the garden there (which feeds us) is non-existent. Moving house does not mean paying movers but driving it over by the ute-load.


is done. Now I just need the art for Bolg, and that too can go up

I’m experimenting with genres and pricing here. Not that I plan to abandon any areas I write in, but some may get focus they haven’t had. Up to now I’ve been working on the tastes of editors and what they, therefore, think will sell. This is going to be interesting – to see what readers think.



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  1. It’s going to be fascinating!

    Since I haven’t, yet, read anything that you have written solo that I didn’t absolutely *love* — the idea of you branching out more is absolutely wonderful!

    Freer Unleashed! The possibilities! The Good Things To Read in future! ::happy dance::

  2. Kirk Reiser

    I just wanted to thank you for making sure your independant ebooks are
    available on smashwords.com. I’ve had problems purchasing from other
    sites so am a very happy camper just now. I just purchased and
    downloaded everything available from you there.

    I’m also excitedly waiting for the release of the EARC of Dog and
    Dragon. I gave Xmas gifts of eight copies of Dragon Ring last year and
    I wish I could have done the same with Dog and Dragon this year.

    Please keep us posted on how your independant sales go, maybe you can
    publish some full length novels that way as well.


    • Kirk – there are two completed novels and two partly completed novels (one merely requires copy typing of the last two chapters, the other a few weeks work) that will be going to independent publishing, and to Smashwords as well. I’ve got a few more shorts ready to go, and I’m usually producing a few 🙂

      • Oh, what great news you’ve managed to solicit, Kirk! Well done! (I agree 100% on the Dog and Dragon. Thinking about printing off the cover picture and wrapping it in a box for people!)

  3. Gah! ELICIT! E–licit! Not *il*-licit, either!

  4. Keep me up-to-date on your books and I will get them blogged about at http://giftsofdawn.wordpress.com and added to my aStore by Amazon http://astore.amazon.com/gifofdaw-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=350 with me it is all about the books your books or my books READ books they open the mind … Linda

  5. Traci S

    Eagerly waiting for anything from your slightly twisted mind ( twisted is a good thing). Where is this independent that i can through money at?

  6. Thomas

    Btw folks there is another way to use the Amazon Associates links Dave put up to toss a little found money his way. Amazon gives him a percentage of _anything_ you buy from them for a while after following his link, not just the item linked to. IIRC its about 15-30 minutes.

    So click one of his links then do your holiday shopping! It is pennies on the dollar but it adds up to gas money to pay for the ute powered move for Dave without costing you anything.

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