Soot and Cassandra is up on Amazon

After a week’s struggle to learn how, and html in the process… My first short that I have put on Amazon myself. This is the difference between 6% and 70% income for me – and especially if people buy through the associate tag when I get ?2 pecent of the sale. The riches. The excitement…



November 24, 2011 · 8:56 pm

3 responses to “Soot and Cassandra is up on Amazon

  1. WOOT! Purchased! Wll read on the way to the inlaws’ Thanksgiving feast — yet another thing to be thankful for! A new Dave Freer story! Thanks, Dave!

    • Bad form, replying to myself, I know. But I loved the story! Just thought you ought to know that you hit one out of the park! (Does that translate into Tasmanian? 🙂 )

  2. Thank you! Sorry not to have replied earlier – it was a long complicated day. Oddly following all the instructions on Smashwords was very similar and more complicated than HTML!

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