Dog and Dragon edits are done

It was a a rough hard session (I hate editing a piece of work too soon after I have written it) but is done. Now just CUTTLEFISH.

And just to be silly… The nights of the round tuit…

Yes, that’s my ninja sword, ex-scallywag. It was given to me by a lady mud-wrestler. My mate Davo reckons it made me the king of the Brrrrittins. More like the leader of our gang!  We call ourselves Brrrrittins, cause it’s kinda like noise my bike makes. Davo’s bike makes more noise, but that’s because he’s got a piece of tin-can lid gaffer taped so it hits the spokes. It’s not much of a gang but there are three of us guys. Well. The other one is Ginger, and she’s a queen.





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3 responses to “Dog and Dragon edits are done

  1. OH! The nights of the round tuit! I love silly funny things like this! Thank you, Dave!

  2. I used to have a round tuit. No, really, they actually made them as little gift things back home. It was the size of a coaster and said ‘genuine round tuit’ and my granddad brought it back from the seaside as a present. I wonder what happened tuit?

    Fun little story, Dave. 🙂

  3. Well Dave, when you get “round tuit” can you tell us when the EARC of Dog and Dragon will be available. [Wink]

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