Oh, fortuna…

I’ve just got the edits (can we have them next week) for DOG AND DRAGON

I’m busy with the edits for CUTTLEFISH – also due soon

I’m trying to write the next PYRAMID

I’m trying to write the misadventures of Bolg  and the serial for Davefreer.com in between. And blog on the life-on-island blog, and the weekly Mad genius one.

So things may be a bit patchy…




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  1. You can either have too much work, or too little. I selfishly want to keep you writing, so I prefer the first.

  2. As a fan, I’d much rather you kept writing stories!!! Not that I don’t find your blogs entertaining! But everybody has a finite amount of time and energy. I’d rather you spend yours on Babs, *and* writing stories, than on blogs. Selfish, I iz one!

  3. So I guess I shouldn’t bug you for more snippets of the goblin story for a few weeks? I’ll do it, just don’t take that as evidence I don’t want them.

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