more Bolg

“Fat Ali is okay. The problem is the money.”
“Oh. Did… did we lose a lot?
We. “I am afraid you lost all of it. You were robbed while I was out getting help after you were poisoned.”
Her lower jaw barely missed the table. Good thing, fang reconstruction costs a fortune. I could see the little cogs turning in her mind as her eyes narrowed. “You took my money!” she snapped.
I’d had too little coffee for this. Client or not: “Try to stretch your IQ to your shoe size with a bit of logic,” I snarled right back. “If I was going take your money, why would I have brought it back from the cemetry? And if I’d changed my mind why wouldn’t I have taken it and left you to die?  And thirdly, why would I have wasted a day sitting on your coffin trying to work out how to get get it back?”
“Oh. Um. Sorry. I didn’t think,” she said, speaking the truth.
“I’m usually grumpy until I have had enough coffee. After that I’m just irritable. I think, Simone, that we need to fill in some background. I’m missing something. I think I know what, but I need your co-operation.”
“I was born in the Schloss Taubenschaft…” she said, eager to make up for her normal helpful behavior.
While it might be relevant, she was 200 hundred years old and I had a feeling that it might take more time than I felt up to listening to. “I don’t think we have to go to quite that depth. What I’d like to know is if you have had any previous relationships…”
“I’m a vampire.”
“I mean formal relationships, not one-night-bites.”
“Well, I was engaged to Prinz Humbert Von Witschnittbrod, but he broke it off when… well, when I, um… fed off his brother. But he’s been dead for a hundred and thirty years. I went and danced on his grave. Since then,” she sniffled, “I’ve been fine for a night’s lust, but no one was into commitment. Not until Billy.”
Which did rather explain how come she was so upset by his inconvenient disappearance. When you’ve been waiting a hundred and eighty years for Mr Right to offer, you might just accept that a troll would have to do.



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2 responses to “more Bolg

  1. He reminds me of someone. Love the line:

    “I’m usually grumpy until I have had enough coffee. After that I’m just irritable.”

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