Editing, covers

I must say it’s been quite a change how Lou Anders has kept me in the loop with the art for CUTTLEFISH.  I think I am very pleased. I’ll tell you what i think when I see the cover with text.

In the meanwhile life has been interfering a bit with writing.  Anyway, onwards. I have done some editing on CUTTLEFISH.  Got a bit depressed about the whole finances and what battle it is make a real living at writing. I’ve just been through the KDP figures for the shorts Eric and I did (I’m still waiting on the figures from NR, which won’t be much, but I like know) and while these are not stellar (call it 50-70 dollars a month I earn) it’s found money. I have been trying to decide what to do about the books I have the rights to. I think at this rate I’ll just accept the lower rate (30%) and do it myself, as at leat that way I’ll be in control of all of it.


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