Clearing the decks for action

Isn’t odd how like army a writer’s life is? Long periods of nervous waiting. Then ‘hurry up we want it yesterday.’  You can also guarantee this will happen just when everything else does. I am now expecting the editorial notes for CUTTLEFISH  soon. Tomorrow, or the next couple of days.  And no doubt they’ll want them back sooner… And I need to do this as I have other books to write. But… we have a filk harpist coming over on the ferry to visit with her harp, for a week, and my friend Peter coming over to open Aladdin’s cave… uh, his container which has just shipped over (which has 50kg of flour, rice, oats, polenta, oil and a slew  of other dry good he’s kindly bringing over for me, and new tires for the ute – which I have to service and replace those at latest next week.)  And the weather looks to be improving (so our fish stocks – which are getting low need replenishing. We manage to live on my income, by growing it, catching it or making it ourselves) .

So today I cleared the decks.  I find the state of my office has a huge impact on my productivity (possibly more effect than cause. When you’re depressed you couldn’t be bothered to tidy it.) I reach a point where I simply can’t live any clutter any more. And sorting it out IS good for me and my mind.  Oddly it helps to fix stories too.


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  1. I’m that way – I ignore the clutter until I can’t, then I have to clean it all away and organise. Although since I bought a small laptop I spend most of my writing time on the patio when the weather’s fit. I turned off the wi-fi so that I can’t access the net from it, which helps immensely with productivity!

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