Bolg PI snippet

She put the money down next to the left side on the seat, as instructed, leaning over me to put it down. She’d just stood up straight when the stake came flying out of the darkness, aimed straight at her heart.
Only the top of my helmet was in the way. A microsecond earlier and it would have been through the visor, but I heard or saw something. I’m not sure which but react first and worry about the details later is always good.
I’d knocked her sideways and turned and ducked in the same move. That was good, because it meant the stake angled up off my helmet, knocked me over but didn’t kill me, and just ripped across her breast and shoulder–something vampire-bacteria will laugh at repairing. Whereas the heart being torn out of the chest by a rowan-wood stake is more of a long term challenge. So, from the being alive so you can get paid by a live client point of view, it was all good. Maybe shucking the Glock and shooting back into the darkness wasn’t quite so smart.
Not as dumbass as her transforming into a cloud of injured bats, and leaving me in the cemetry, with a brown paper bag with twenty five thousand dollars in it, a pair of red stilettos heels, a bloody coctail frock, a torn bra, no nickers (she’s a vampire, for crying in a bucket) and the dee dah dee dah of police sirens in the background.
You still think my rates are a bit high?



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2 responses to “Bolg PI snippet

  1. ::ecstatic sigh:: Thank you, Dave. Your flurry of writing (or at least posting!) the last day or two is wonderful.

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