Wond’ring aloud

Wond’ring aloud, will the years treat us well…

I am an old Jethro Tull fan.

Listening to this this morning, it’s hard to look at the world right now and to feel any degree of certainty. I read an article this AM in the Business Spectator (“you?!” I hear you exclaim. “Dave, you’re the antithesis of modern business. You believe that Corporates need to be broken, and that we may need deflation. They’d crucify you.”). Truly I am not the friend of modern crony capitalism, any more than I friend of socialism.  I’m just a bloke who reads a lot and thinks for himself. Even about economics.

It’s interesting times, both in publishing and the wider world caught in these economic tides.  Anyway… back to the article, and another a friend in the US pointed me at. Both essentially said: The current government is a mess, their policies are disaster, their legislation serves power-brokers (be it big Pharma and insurers in the US not the public, or unionised labour in Oz, and they’ve broken electoral promises, and are mired in everything from sleaze to economic problems)  But the alternative party are WORSE.

And that, in summary, was the entire reason for supporting the incumbents. The lesser of two weevils (yes, I mean weevils.)  If the others got in they’d be worse.  Now, if this had been a dispassionate outsider commenting, I’d have said  maybe they’re right. But in both cases it was plainly a supporter of the Powers-that-be.  Neither talked about fixing their own mess. Neither talked about forward direction. They just told us to be very afraid of the alternative.

Reminds of me of publishing.


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