Upstart stories

It’s odd. I have a lot of work to do, and am just not gaining traction. I’m stuck badly on the ricketty racketty club (which I was writing simply to please myself) .

I’ve been toying with a couple of other stories – one about high-end autism,  one on the line between virtual reality and reality (which is just cruel). And somehow nothing is firing.  I have written quite a lot of serious material for various blog posts (about 6K) but really this is not going well. And I am not sure why. It’s odd to be in charge of an erratic brain.



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4 responses to “Upstart stories

  1. Try retyping a page or two of a story you are stuck on backwards. In theory (my favorite vacation get away) this will force the brain to work a bit differently and get you out of the rut.

  2. .tur eht fo tuo uoy teg dna yltnereffid tib a krow ot niarb ehe ecrof lliw siht (yawa teg noitacav etirofav ym) yroeht nI .sdrawkcab no kcuts era uoy yrots a fo owt ro egap a pingyter yrT

    (If nothing else you’ve supplied yourself with a weeks worth of non-human names.)

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