Back to the grindstone

Well, the catch up is sort of done. Tomorrow will be a normal working day, with just the MGC blog to add to the day (well, besides the Flinders Family Freer one) and a serious attempt to move the first draft of Cuttlefish more toward what Pyr want.  I’ve updated the Changeling’s Island proposal and sent it back to O’Mike. So… about a week until that’s sold, two weeks before the pantechnicons full of vast checks start rolling up to the door, and three before the movie comes out… Yeah, well, in some other universe… Seriously, it’s a GREAT story. I want to write it so badly it hurts, but the contracted work needs to come first. And inevitably selling it will take years if at all.  I don’t think I have become a weaker writer, but the environment out there for selling books or selling into has got a great deal worse.


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