Mission creep

Well, I am now trying to edit my sample chapters for CHANGELING’S ISLAND,  which has grown to a shade over 8000 words. (yes, I have added another 2K or so).  Plus another 7000 in the proposal/outline that’s 15K that I’ve already invested in this,  for a book in the 70-90K range.

To put this in pure business terms, that’s a lot of bread to cast on the water. The problem is, having got this far into the book (and the first chapters are by far the hardest) I’m really tempted to just keep going. But I have to do some work on the con stuff and of course on CUTTLEFISH, which needs quite a bit more flesh on the bones I have. The sample chapter/ proposal route does offer authors some security, but it sucks as you invest so much creativity and effort into that first part that it’s really hard to put it aside. Anyway, that’s the way it is for now, but I am looking to change that aspect of the way I do business too.

(wry smile) To twist things around in my usual way: I think by now ( and a good few hundred thousand sales)I’ve proved that I write books which some readers would like. What the proposal is really doing is asking if publishers have adequate marketing outreach to get the books to those readers.  Or whether they’d like to try…

And mostly the answer seems ‘no’.

If I view this as a reflection of their inadequacy rather than mine, I might feel better, even if just as poor 😉


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