words and the inner editor.

well another 1100 done. But the inner editor is squalling at me that the tension is not quite right. I have been thinking and noodling over it, and I think it’s fixable with another Point of view. I might need to add the heroine’s POV again too.

It’s an interesting book this, as it has to work at three levels. Now I am quite used to and fond of multi-level books, but these three levels actually have to be obvious enough to most readers. There is the ‘mundane’story of a city kid in trouble, being sent off to theback of beyond and having to cope with life in farming/ diving/fishing country in a remote community, and coming to terms with his own ancestry and deal with prejudice. Then there is the Aos si side – the kid has a lesser spirit of air and darkness as, if you like, a bond-servant, as a side effect of his own Faerie-changeling ancestry. The  creature is sensitive to his master’s emotions and other less material things which leave their mark on places.  He’s a POV character enabling us to see into this too.  Then there is the real historical tier: the islands were populated originally by sealers, who kidnapped ‘wives’ from the aboriginal community.  The island too was a temporary home ‘refuge’ for the Tasmanaina Aboriginal survivors. They did not thrive here. Much sadness and patches of nasty history happened here, as well as the place being a real refuge, and place to escape to. I am going to feed some of this background in as well, partly through the kid’s grandmother and partly just in passing and partly from Aed- the lesser spirit

Balancing act.

The inner editor says: a hard one.


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