Words words words, all I have is words…

Well, that is all I have that I can really use to gain a useful niche in my new world here. So: I am going to be posting a daily wordcount, and a weekly average, to try and get me moving at speed again. I must admit to suffering a bit from burnout depression.  Or battle fatigue.  Or something down those lines. The truth is I have had some writing success lately, (2 New sales Pyr, books out through NR, Contracts with Baen). No Earth shattering steps, but I have achievd a little over the last 20 years of struggle with this.  Not a lot for my age, but more than some people. I’ve showed endurance, if nothing else. I need to write. We need a home, we need to eat. A bit of security and a cushion would a lovely dream… I have contracts, I have a dozen other projects too I want to do, to fly anyway.  Quite a few I know will be great books, and even if they don’t get found by a lot of readers,  they will find some and make some people happy.   I also need to finish off another proposal for O’Mike. I need to write a few shorts, I need to do the audio for a few.

So: I have work.  That means motivation, and that means pushing the psycological buttons. Which means I tell you dear readers, what those figures are.

Sometimes I might post a few of them.

today 1830 on the sample chapters for CHANGELING’S ISLAND

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