So put yourself in his shoes…

You’re an urban  teen boy 14 bordering on 15 soon.  You have to pack and go to stay with your Grandmother in the back of beyond. What do you put in your bag – you have fifteen kilos and 3 hours?


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4 responses to “So put yourself in his shoes…

  1. Short term or long? If long, all my favorite books, a few toys I can bare to part with, plus the new electronic games. Maybe some clothes, favorite T-shirts. Might remember a toothbrush. While picking it up, might notice the hairbrush and grab it too. City boy probably won’t have many tools, unless his father is/was into woodworking as a hobby.

  2. Favorite books 2-3, class yearbook maybe, i suppose it depends on what slice to teen he is. Geek, odd ball, jock, musical…

    If he’s an outcast its probably stuff that’s VERY tightly tied to rare happy memories. Tickets to a movie with a friend or parent, or cousin or the like where nothing went wrong, the certificate from winning a science competition, or the ONE math test where a parent said they were proud of the grade… stuff thats as much trophy as memento.

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