Third person?

I’ve been wrestling with the sample chapters for a YA proposal, which in utter rebellion against my agent will be neither Urban Fantasy nor Military sf, nor a mish-mash between. It’s this new subgenre Contemporary remote island Fantasy, with which i hope to at least be one the rare participants in.

The awkward thing is that some (not a lot) of the book calls for points of view which are not that of the lead character. But it feels a lot stronger and more immediate in first person. Now I have written a few stories in first, most of my books in third, and one story (Jack – probably one of my best) in first-and-third. 

I suppose the answer is to write the first 2-3 chapters and see which works best to readers. (I HATE this part of proposals – get started and then leave it, and some editor may decide to CHANGE the original thrust of the book, but this is one I still feel would do better as a book-to-publisher sale and not book-to-kindle sale… those ALSO have to happen in this copious spare time and life I have. )

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  1. Well, you know my opinion, I just wanna feel the sand in my toes either way…

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